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Jamie Johnston

Weekend Host

I'm originally from Ottawa (Go Sens!)... ok, from a small town outside of Ottawa (shout out to Osgoode, ON). After college, I spent a few years honing my skills as a professional life coach/interpretive dancer, often practicing up to 12 minutes per day.

When it became obvious that career choice wasn't going to pan out I accepted a job with Bayshore Broadcasting at Mix 106.5 (same money, but fewer lawsuits). I've been with Bayshore now, on & off, for about 10 years now & I love it!

Some other random information about me: My "likes" include Sauble Beach, my grandparents, music, albino groundhogs, the cottage, collecting stray dogs & LCBO recipes. Often, when I am no longer interested in a conversation I will pretend to be texting someone (go ahead, try it, it works.) When I'm not on the air, I spend my spare time hanging out with my family (including my super cute kid) & freelancing as a celebrity baby naming specialist.



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