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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Man Alleges Assault By OPP

Williamsford | by Kevin Bernard  

A Williamsford man lays charges against veteran Grey County OPP officers.

A Grey County man claims he was roughed up by plain clothes police officers in an incident on December 15th.

Enos Martin of Williamsford was among a group of people who supported raw milk producer Michael Schmidt during a raid on his farm near Durham on October 2nd.

Schmidt and a handful of others were later summoned to appear in court on a charge of obstruct a peace officer, but Martin says he never knew about the charge.

Then in mid-December, Grey County OPP officers executed an arrest warrant and took him to West Grey to be fingerprinted.

Martin says roughly 10 minutes after he was returned to his farm, plain clothes officers showed up in a van, and handcuffed him.

He claims they tightened the handcuffs as much as possible, forced his arms up in the air and generally roughed him up.

Martin says he was in the back of the van for about 15 minutes until the Officers confirmed his story that he had already been fingerprinted, and he was then let go.

Martin says enough is enough and has filed charges against two veteran OPP officers from the Chatsworth detachment.

Those charges are expected to be sworn in Owen Sound court this week.


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