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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wind Turbine Decision on Hold

Tiverton | by John Divinski  

Some councillors are not ready to accept a legal opinion on four wind turbines

Some Kincardine councillors are not ready to accept a legal opinion they have received on four industrial wind turbines going up at three different locations near Tiverton.

A recorded 5-4 vote has put the solicitor's recommendations on hold.

Councillor Jacqueline Faubert says her motion did not direct council to legally challenge the siting of the four turbines but gave direction for more information on the process to make such a move and the associated costs.

Faubert says she doesn't want to accept the opinion of lawyer Peter Pickfield from Garrod Pickfield LLP until they can step back and review.

The lawyer's report says Leader Resources projects--Quixote One Wind Energy (1); Meyer Wind Farm (2); and Majestic Wind Farm (1)--totalling only 4 turbines, is on solid ground and the report sees no "viable legal option to successfully oppose...."

Mayor Larry Kraemer agrees with the solicitor's report saying sometimes you have to realize that the game is over and the municipality has no legal leg to stand on.

He questions why one would throw away ratepayer's good money after bad.

Nevertheless, Faubert's motion carried and will come up again at a future council meeting.

A second part to Faubert's motion calls for a letter to be written to Premier Kathleen Wynne stating the Green Energy Act has created a barrier to the municipality's ability to develop.

It carried by a 6-3 vote. 




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