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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lack of Transparency on Council

Underwood | by John Divinski  

Kincardine voters want to know if new Council would be more up-front with ratepayers.

The final all-candidates meeting in Kincardine is in the books.

A good crowd showed up at the Underwood Community Centre to hear what the candidates had to say.

Close to 200 people jammed into the centre to get answers to their questions.

The overall theme of constituents was the lack of transparency of the council, whose term is coming to an end.

They wanted to know if a new council would be more up-front with the ratepayers.

Most prevalent was the way the proposed sale of Bruce Telecom was handled.

Many indicated they were upset with hearing about it, after the event, rather than being given a heads-up that council was considering the sale.

The deal ultimately fell through and the town still owns the utility.

All candidates agreed that more transparency and communication was needed from the municipal government but that closed door meetings are inevitable when dealing with certain subjects.

Mayoral candidate Ken Knight has also indicated that he is withdrawing his name for consideration.

His name will still appear on the ballot, but he wants you to consider the other candidates for Mayor -- which are Marsha Leggett and Anne Eadie.

Kincardine voters are receiving their ballots in the mail this week and must have them into the municipality by October 27th. 


List of Kincardine Candidates

Anne Eadie
Ken Knight (withdrawn, but name will still appear on ballot)
Marsha Leggett

Ward 1
Richard Court
Maureen Couture
Candy Hewitt
Mike Leggett

Ward 2
Linda McKee
Jutta Splettstoesser

Ward 3
Shelagh McFarlane
Randy Roppel

At Large
Gordon Campbell
Adam Cherry
Alex Eveleigh
Jacqueline Faubert
Laura Haight
Doug Peebles
Christina Roppel-Wahi
Andrew White



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