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Monday, February 24, 2020

West Grey Strategic Plan Includes Cost Saving

West Grey | by Robyn Garvey  

Five year plan to include possible cost sharing, a marketing plan and community improvement plan.

West Grey has a new Strategic Plan, which will carry its Council through until 2022.

The Plan says Mayor Christine Robinson serves as a strategic vision which lays out the priorities for West Grey Council this term and the strategies needed to transform these goals into reality.

Residents played a key role in the development of the plan, as the public input gathered from the various interactive workshops held across West has helped shape the framework.

Robinson says during the interactive workshops, Council was able to listen, and engage in conversation with residents about their vision for their community and identify their priorities.

The new Strategic Vision includes: goals for infrastructure improvements, enhanced communication, environmental sustainability, ensuring open government as well as creating partnerships with the business and community sectors.

Robinson calls the Strategic Plan a roadmap with the focus on community building, collaboration, and creating a vibrant, future-ready West Grey.

The Plan contains three pillars: Working Together, Build A Better Future and Promote Community.

Within each pillar are three goals with a list of strategies on how to reach those goals.

Examples of the various strategies include: seeking out cost sharing initiatives, develop a marketing strategy, develop a Community Improvement Plan and supporting the arts.

The Strategic Plan is available on West Grey’s website, hard copies can also be obtained at the Municipal  Office.


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