98 The Beach

98 The Beach

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Port Elgin Beach Preserver Presents Idea to Council

Saugeen Shores | by Megan Johnson  

The Idea calls for the buildings to run from east to west, rather than north to south

Current Design Concept L - PEBP Idea R 

The Beach Preservers of Port Elgin were before Saugeen Shores councillors, urging the group to continue discussions on revitalization plans for the beach.

Neil Aitchinson presented an alternative plan that was put together by designer Mitch Hughes, a summer resident of Port Elgin.

Aitchison says it calls for the buildings to run from east to west, rather than north to south.

He says he believes it provides a better flow.

Aitchison says a simple quarter-turn of the buildings will still provide the amenities envisioned by the investors but will leave other established amenities such as the McGrath Bandshell to service visitors as well.

He says as the plan stands now, the bandshell is crowded out.

Aitchison, along with a council chamber full of supporters, called for meetings with everyone who wishes to talk on the issue.

He says one of the investors Kevin Carter, along with Mayor Luke Charbonneau have stated no decision has been made on the project.

Aitchison suggests if no decision has been made then let's open up discussion again and come up with a compromise plan that will satisfy most people.

He admits a change is needed on the beach but exactly what shape that change will take will only come about with further input from everyone.

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