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Monday, January 13, 2020

Petition For Radar Speed Signs in Berkeley

Chatsworth Township | by Matt Hermiz  

Council resolves to ask director to consult with Ministry of Transportation on options.

Residents of Berkeley are pushing for measures to be taken to curb speeding in the village situated on Highway 10.

Della Goetz spoke to Chatsworth councillors at its Jan. 8 meeting and submitted a petition with 138 signatures asking for the installation of two radar speed signs and to establish two community safety zones on Highway 10 in Berkeley, to greet drivers approaching from both the north and south.

The posted speed limit in Berkeley is 50 km/h. 

Goetz told Chatsworth councillors there are several reasons many drivers speed through the village. She said there are two ascending hills that approach Berkeley from both the north and south, resulting in drivers increasing their speeds and maintaining it through the village. Goetz noted the 80 km/h maximum posted on Highway 10 also suddenly drops to 50 km/h in Berkeley, and suspects many drivers don't pay attention on simply don't care to slow up.

Radar speed signs flash the current speed a vehicle is moving at as it approaches.

Accompanying the petition submitted by Goetz were statistics suggesting radar speed signs will prompt up to 80 per cent of approaching vehicles to slow down.

Chatsworth Mayor Scott Mackey acknowledged a lot of complaints come in about speeders in many villages in Chatsworth Township, not just Berkeley.

"If there are ways we can mitigate some of those speeds council certainly wants to look into it," Mackey said.

Council resolved to ask the township's director of operations to speak with the Ministry of Transportation to find out what Chatsworth can do, and come back with a report with options for council to consider.

It was suggested at the meeting Chatsworth would require approval from MTO to install any new signs on the provincial highway corridor, or to implement new community safety zones.

"We have to get information on those two things and whether it's in our ability to just go ahead with it," Mackey explained. "And if it is within our ability, can we afford it?"

"I hope the signs wouldn't be that expensive, because I know it is a safety issue and there's no dispute about that."

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