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Monday, January 13, 2020

Town Plans To Rebuild Lion's Head Lighthouse

Lion's Head | by Claire McCormack  

Northern Bruce Peninsula staff are working on a plan to rebuild the Lion's Head lighthouse.

Photo Courtesy of Ethan Meleg - Outdoor Photography  

Northern Bruce Peninsula staff are working on a plan to rebuild the Lion's Head lighthouse after it was obliterated by a winter storm.

People woke up Sunday to find the structure that had been part of the harbour landscape for 117 years, was gone.

Town CAO Bill Jones says, "There's literally nothing left of the structure that was there, so we're starting from ground zero."

"This lighthouse has just been beaten over the last four months. We've had four significant storms this fall and winter alone, which is almost unheard of," says Jones who notes there were plans to look at moving the lighthouse slightly back from where it was to help remove some of the force it was taking during storms, "But we never had an opportunity to get to that point."

Jones says there will be a brief update from staff at today's council meeting at 1p.m. outlining what has happened and what the next steps might be in rebuilding it.

"What we're doing at this point in time is going to make a presentation to council and get some direction," says Jones who is confident rebuilding the lighthouse will be a priority.

"At the end of the day the community already...the outpouring from the community shows that there's a desire to have a lighthouse there. I don't think in any world we're going to envision Lion's Head without a lighthouse."

Jones says the person who worked on building a replica of it in the 1980s has already contacted the Town to say they want to work on the replacement.

He says other members of the community have reached out to offer help in rebuilding it.

Jones says town staff have already had some discussions with the Coast Guard, which maintains the range light and have also had a discussion with Small Craft Harbours which is a nationwide program that operates harbours.

He says staff have spoken to Bruce Grey Owen Sound MP Alex Ruff.

Jones says, "I would assume that in the next month or so, we'll be making some kind of formal request for some funding assistance from the federal government towards the project."

Jones says at this point, he doesn't have any estimate cost of rebuilding it.

"We're going to look at all options and have some discussions here with council and see how we're going to move forward. But it's our hope that in some way, shape or form that the federal government is involved with the rebuild."

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