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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Draft Budget Passed in South Bruce Peninsula

South Bruce Peninsula | by John Divinski  

Blended rate could come in at 0%.

Things could be looking up for taxpayers of South Bruce Peninsula.

The potential 2020 blended budget as it stands right now, could result in a zero percent increase in taxes.

Council voted on Tuesday to bring down the operating budget by $200,000 to just over 10.5-million-dollars that taxpayers will have to raise.

The 200-grand comes from $500,000 that was earmarked for reserves. 

The tax levy has increased by 3.5% but when combined with the education and county levies, Director of Corporate Services Karmen Kreuger says the blended rate could come in at a 0% increase or even less.

It means an average assessed home at $250,000 will see no increase in taxes, assuming the assessment remains the same on the home.

The municipality still has to get the final budget numbers from the county and the board of education.

Mayor Janice Jackson is pleased with the budget saying she looks forward to the projects planned for the municipality.

South Bruce Peninsula's capital budget came in at 13.3-million-dollars for 2020 with Wiarton's Big Dig revitalization of Berford Street being the biggest ticket item.

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