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Sunday, November 17, 2019

Walkerton Baptist Church is Up For Sale

Owen Sound | by Cody Misner  

The current asking price is $249,000.

Brockton Council has rejected a request by the Brockton Heritage Committee to consider purchasing the Walkerton Baptist Church for use as a Cultural Heritage Centre.

Councillor Kym Hutcheon admits while it is a beautiful and important building, she doesn't believe the Municipality should be getting involved in such a real estate venture.

The current asking price is $249,000.

The Heritage Committee boast $208,000 in reserve funds that could go towards the purchase.

Hutcheon believes however this money would be put to much better use if it went towards a future archives build project, one that could be part of a multi purpose building that would also house the municipal office.

Brockton is the only municipality in all of Bruce County that doesn't own its own municipal office, it leases space from Canada Post.

It is Hutcheon's hope that the beautiful church will be purchased by someone and put to good use.

The Baptist Church is a large and unique historic structure that is a designated heritage property.

Parts of the church pre-date the introduction of electricity to Walkerton

Councillor Steve Adams adds while he fully respects and endorses the work of the Brockton Heritage Committee, to purchase the church would be in his opinion a poor use of taxpayer money.

He believes this is an opportunity Brockton needs to pass on and allow it to go to a private sale.

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