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Sunday, November 17, 2019

New App To Help Out Expecting Moms In Grey Bruce

Grey Bruce | by Claire McCormack  

New moms can find local resources, track baby kicks and learn all about pregnancy & birth.

Screenshot of App  

A new mobile friendly app for expecting mothers and caregivers has launched in Grey Bruce.

Public Health Nurse Jody Kroeplin says it's a prenatal educational guide and reference point for pregnant women, their partners, parents or anyone else who wants to learn more.

Kroeplin says it takes the user through stages of pregnancy, birth and infant health.

"You can use it any time, anywhere. You could be sitting in your doctor's office and just going through some of the modules while you wait, so it really is a lot more versatile."

The program has over ten sections covering things like prenatal appointments, healthy eating, physical activity, emotional health and mental health.

It even has tips for when you're not feeling well and a pregnancy True and False section.

It also has a contraction timer, kick logger and a hospital packing list.

The app starts right at the beginning, by covering what kind of health care providers you might have, from an obstetrician to a midwife, to a doula.

It also outlines what kinds of things doctors might test for through blood tests, ultrasounds, genetic screening and swabs.

There are modules for different stages including after the baby is born, like covering different ways of feeding babies for different ages.

There are phone numbers and links for local services each step of the way including the EarlyON Centre.

Kroepkin also notes there are links to creditable sources, "When we're searching the internet we want to ensure that the information we're reading is creditable and based on evidence."

Public Health says the same information will be distributed around doctors' offices and hospitals in the coming weeks.

The app is available in different languases as well.

To register for the app go to https://www.publichealthgreybruce.on.ca/Your-Health/Child-and-Family-Health/Prenatal/Online-Prenatal-Program

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