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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Brockton Finalizes New OPP Contract

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Three-year agreement struck at a cost of $462 per household.

Brockton has struck a three year policing agreement with the OPP.

Mayor Chris Peabody credit’s the new OPP funding model for a smooth negotiation process.

Peabody says four years ago the funding model was very complicated which required a lot of back and forth negotiations.

The new OPP funding model says Peabody is far simpler and more cost effective.

Under the new model Brockton will pay a fee for base service as well as a fee for all the service calls.

Because Brockton’s service calls percentage is so much lower than the provincial average, Peabody says it works to Brockton’s advantage.

Under the new agreement, the 2019 OPP costs for Brockton come in just shy of 2.1 million dollars ($2,099,939) which works out to be $462 dollars per cost per household.

This represents a $7.56 increase per household from the previous year.

Peabody calls the increase reasonable noting that just five years ago, Brockton was paying close to $700 dollars per household for policing costs. 

Under the three year contract, the annual increase will be set each Fall before the new year begins.
Brockton decided against spending an extra 158 thousand dollar to have a dedicated officer assigned to the schools.

In the past when Brockton had grant dollars to help offset this cost this enhanced service was part of previous OPP contracts.

However this practice ended when the grant dollars dried up.

Peabody is not concerned noting that the OPP already have a liaison officer that regularly visit’s the schools, something that the OPP have promised will continue at no extra cost.

The new OPP contract will take Brockton to June of 2022.

Of the 2.1 million dollar budget for 2019, 269 thousand will be spent on Court Security costs, an expense Brockton is saddled with since the Court system is located within the municipality.

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