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Monday, April 15, 2019

Lake Huron Water Levels at Over 20 Year High

Lake Huron Shoreline | by Megan Johnson  

The Great Lakes are currently at or above the levels at the same time last year.

Photo by Megan Johnson 

As of March 2019, Lake Huron water levels have been the highest they've been in over 20 years.

Daniela Klicper of the Lake Huron Coastal Centre warns now that we've entered Spring condition, those along the shoreline should be prepared for potential flooding in low lying areas and some erosion of the shoreline.

"Looking ahead right now the Great Lakes are currently at or above their levels at the same time last year, and the above average levels are expected to continue, going forward."

She adds, the probable range of values for June for Lake Huron are between 37 and 71cm, however those levels are forecasted to stay behind the record high values, which in 1986 was 177.5.

"With climate change, we're also expecting longer durations of these highs and lows; more sporadic annual changes with lake levels and of course more intense storm events."

Klicper says shoreline residents should become familiar with high and low levels.

"Implement long-term strategies to prevent damage on your property." 

She adds for people who live on beaches and dunes, "it's about improving your dune health on your beach; it's having that thick vegetative buffer between your home and the shoreline."

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