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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Hanover Council Wages Released

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

It cost $146,000 to cover salaries & expenses of Hanover’s seven member council in 2018.

Hanover’s 2018 Council remuneration numbers are out. The numbers are on par with the previous year.

It cost 146 thousand dollars to cover the salaries and expenses of Hanover’s seven member council in 2018.  

That figure drops to 139 thousand dollars before expenses such as convention and travel costs.

Mayor Sue Paterson believes taxpayers are getting good value for their dollar.

She says the salaries of councilors are on par with many other municipalities of similar size in the region.

She adds that in order to attract good candidates to the position it is important to offer fair compensation.

Paterson notes it is not uncommon for council’s to be made up of predominately male councilors and those who are retired.

Paterson says offering fair compensation is another way to encourage a more diverse council which includes some younger members at the table.

Paterson adds the role of councilors continues to evolve and expand.

She says while it is not a full time job it is ‘an all time job’, noting that this involves a lot of back and forth dialogue and correspondence with the public especially via communicaton technology.

Paterson adds the councilors around the table are there because they have a great desire to serve their community.

She adds Hanover is fortunate to have such a great group of dedicated individuals around the council table.

In 2018, before expenses

*Paterson earned just under 31 thousand dollars, (does not include County Council salary)

*Former Councilor Peter Hambly was the second top earner at 25.6 thousand (almost 12 thousand of this came from his earnings as a Westario Board of Director.)

*Deputy Mayor Selwyn Hicks came in at 19 thousand dollars. (does not include County Council salary)

*Councilors averaged about 14 thousand dollars each.

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