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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Owen Sound Council Compensation Report Released

Owen Sound | by Matt Hermiz  

Salary and expenses for Mayor, councillors for 2018

The City of Owen Sound has released its report on council's pay and expenses for 2018.

For his role as mayor, Ian Boddy earned a salary of $49,329 last year.

Former Deputy Mayor Arlene Wright earned second most among those on council with a salary of $23,408.

As for councillor salaries in 2018, those re-elected in the same role -- Travis Dodd, Scott Greig, Marion Koepke and Richard Thomas -- made $21,603.

Former councillors Jim McManaman and Peter Lemon each earned $20,355, while Brian O'Leary, who was previously a councillor and now serves as deputy mayor, earned $21,791.

Newly elected councillors Brock Hamley, Carol Merton and John Tamming each earned $1,248 in salary last year, after being sworn in on Dec. 3, 2018.

When it comes to expenses, O'Leary ran up the highest bill for a second straight year after spending $5,038, followed by Coun. Thomas who spent $2,895.

Expenses reported by others on council are as follows:

Mayor Ian Boddy - $463
Councillor Travis Dodd - $2,859
Councillor Scott Greig - $2,473
Councillor Marion Koepke - $2,821
(Former) councillor Peter Lemon - $2,821
(Former) councillor Jim McManaman - $1,091
(Former) Deputy Mayor Arlene Wright - $162
Councillor Brock Hamley - $111
Councillor Carol Merton - $71
Councillor John Tamming - $71

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