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Monday, February 11, 2019

Police Chief Weighs in on Potential Regional Police Force

Owen Sound | by Claire McCormack  

Craig Ambrose says it's a political decision, not one for the police service itself.

While talks of an amalgamated police force circle around Grey County, Owen Sound's new Police Chief Craig Ambrose says it's a political decision, not one for the police service itself.

Ambrose, who's first official day as Police Chief was Jan 21st, says he takes his direction from the Police Services Board, "There are a number of things that we all do and we all duplicate. There probably are some cost savings around sharing resources, amalgamation," says Ambrose, noting "That's something that has to be decided by the political entities that are involved in it."

Ambrose says in some regards you get what you pay for in policing, "The extras and the little things and the community policing that you're looking for, that's reflected in the cost of the service to the community. So it depends if the people are satisfied with the service they're getting or if they want a little bit more service."

Ambrose says that's up to communities in the area and their political leaders.

"If there's an interest politically and through the Police Services Board, that's something that we would go and examine further," says Ambrose.

Owen Sound Councillor Richard Thomas has put forward a notice of motion for the next city council meeting on February 11th.

Council is expected to vote on initiating formal discussions with nearby municipalities about the creation of a Regional Police Force.

According to a recent Bayshore Broadcasting Report, Owen Sound spent $7.3-million on police services in 2018, West Grey's cost was $3.3-million and Hanover paid $2.8-million.

In all, Grey County municipalities spent more than $23-million on police services last year.


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