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Friday, December 7, 2018

Twolan Named Bruce County Warden

Bruce County | by John Divinski  

Fifth term as warden for Huron-Kinloss mayor

Four times was not enough, so Huron Kinloss Mayor Mitch Twolan has been chosen Warden of Bruce County for the 5th time.

Twolan also served as Warden in 2007, and 2015 to 2017.

In his address to the inaugural meeting of County Council on Thursday, December 6th, Twolan says Bruce County needs to be ready for what lies ahead over the next few years.

He says 2019 will be what he calls a "ramp-up year," referring to the major component refurbishment (MCR) at Bruce Power.

That means many more contractors, workers and suppliers will be moving into the area and with that comes development of the communities within Bruce.

Twolan says he sees a growth spurt in the county that will last for many years but it will be up to county council and the lower tiers of government to make sure the resulting development is controlled and the governments are able to provide social services to those coming in.

He says for one thing, a huge need is social housing and will be treated as priority issue during his 2019 term.
Twolan says people need a place to live and to know they have a "roof over their heads," so they can go looking for those jobs that the Bruce Power refurbishment will create in the region.

In his address, he says some social housing is already planned for Kincardine where a 10-unit complex is proposed but more affordable housing needs to come to Saugeen Shores and other communities in the county to address the issue.

Speaking of issues, the newly acclaimed Warden said in the best interests of the county, they should concentrate on locating the proposed Nuclear Innovation Institute in Saugeen Shores.

Twolan says he knows South Bruce Peninsula has made a formal pitch for the facility and there has even been interest from some people in his home community of Huron Kinloss.

He says anybody can make a pitch but he hopes county council will rally around Saugeen Shores as the chosen site.

In conversation with Bayshore Broadcasting News afterwards, South Bruce Peninsula Mayor Janice Jackson and county councillor says despite what the Warden has said, her community will continue to go after the Institute and she says they have the perfect venue, being the former Foodland building in Wiarton, on the edge of Bluewater Park, overlooking Georgian Bay.

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