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Friday, November 9, 2018

A Plan To Combat Rail Trail Vandalism

Saugeen Shores | by Travis Jackson  

Saugeen Rail Trail Association Members plan to stop graffiti and theft on the trail.

Members of the Saugeen RailTrail Association are disappointed by recent bouts of vandalism that have recently taken place.

Last weekend (November 2-4), the Association said that various signs were spray painted to the point where they were illegible. A lock on a shed was also reportedly broken and a container of gas stolen.

Saugeen RailTrail Association Public Relations person Gerry Boucher says the problem is ongoing and that graffiti is quite common.

He says this is frustrating for RailTrail volunteers who have worked for the last quarter century to create and maintain the multi-use trail that connects Southampton and Port Elgin.

Boucher says that the Memorial Gardens and River Street washroom have been the target of multiple instances of vandalism and the volunteer-driven group is now calling on the Town for help to deal with the problem.

A public campaign is being organized by members of the RailTrail Association that would work with the Saugeen Shores Police Service to educate the public on the detrimental effect that vandalism can have on your community.

The Association has asked Town council to install security cameras along the RailTrail in hopes of deterring further vandalism, and maybe even catch the culprit.

Before security cameras can be installed the Town will have to update its privacy policy, which is currently over 10 years old.

Boucher tells us that members of the RailTrail, and community members who use the trail and have donated over the years are very discouraged to see that someone would willfully destroy a beloved Town asset for no apparent reason.

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