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Friday, November 2, 2018

West Grey Man Calls Police On Himself

West Grey | by Claire McCormack  

Police arrested an impaired driver who had been repeatedly calling police.

West Grey Police have arrested a man after they say he called 911 on himself a number of times.

Police say late on Halloween night, a 911 call was placed from a man who was using his father's name (impersonating his own father) reporting that "his son" was being followed.

The man called 911 and hung up several times giving bits of information about his so called "son's" paranoia.

Police called a number attached to the name the caller had given. The actual father picked up and said he had been sleeping and had no idea of his son's whereabouts.

Then the man called again saying he was on his way to the Durham hospital himself to go visit his "son."

West Grey Police officers shortly after observed a vehicle driving towards the hospital.

Police say the man was driving strangely, using his right turning signal to turn left and then stopping abruptly in the middle of the road.
Police could see the driver flailing his arms around in a panic while he was driving and were concerned for his safety.

Once they stopped the vehicle they say the driver showed obvious signs of drug impairment and was arrested for impaired driving.

His car was searched and police say a small quantity of powder believed to be Percocet was located.  

He was transported to a nearby hospital for a health assessment and was evaluated by a Drug Recognition Expert.

The 23 year old man from Durham was deemed impaired and charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle (drug) as well as possession of a schedule 1 substance.

He was released by way of promise to appear and is scheduled to attend the Walkerton Courthouse on the 21st of November 2018 to answer to the charges.

Police are reminding drivers an impaired related charge in any vehicle will result in an immediate 90-day suspension of your driver's licence as well as a 7 day impoundment of the vehicle being driven.

They say if you believe that someone is driving while impaired, call 911 immediately.


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