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Friday, November 2, 2018

MOH Concerned About Pot Edibles Poisoning Children

Grey Bruce | by Claire McCormack  

Health Unit says kids can be poisoned if you don't keep things like pot brownies out of reach.

Grey Bruce Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Ian Arra is concerned the legalization of recreational pot could be lead to more cannabis poisoning in children.

Arra says just after legalization in Colorado, the number of children who were hospitalized because they ingested cannabis skyrocketed.

"I can see it happening where a person would use edible cannabis and leave it sitting around not realizing it is as dangerous as any other medication."
Arra says the reality is, if a pot brownie or a cookie is left out, "it could be a sad ending for a child or for the whole family."   

Arra shared with Bayshore Broadcasting News, a link to a section of the Scientific Literature Review on Potential Health Effects of Marijuana Use from the Colorado Public Health unit.

It says "Parents and caregivers know that very young children naturally put things in their mouths, and, as they get older, eat things they mistake for candy or food they like."

The report says when marijuana was legalized in 2014, "The Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center received nearly 25,000 calls about children under age five who had accidentally eaten or been exposed to medications or chemicals."

In 2015, a barely conscious Colorado 11 month old was brought to the ER after having a seizure and died shortly after. The baby's blood and urine tested positive for marijuana but whether or not it directly caused his death is still debated by doctors.

Ian Arra notes in Ontario, edible cannabis is not regulated yet, but it will be next year.

Public Health Grey Bruce has information about cannabis use and its effects posted online HERE.

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