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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Grey Bruce Labour Council Disappointed in Bill 47 Approval

Bruce/Grey | by Travis Jackson  

They say the provincial government has betrayed the people of Ontario.

The Grey Bruce Labour Council is frustrated with the provincial governemnt after Premier Doug Ford recently put an end to Bill 148, which would have seen an increase to minimum wage and provisions such as two paid sick days, fairer scheduling rules, and equal pay for equal work.

Vice President Dave Trumble says Premier Ford has ''betrayed all workers by pushing through Bill 47 to repeal many of the provisions of Bill 148.''

He says the labour council met with MPPs Lisa Thompson and Bill Walker before they were re-elected and both had wanted to meet with constituents to hear all points of view on the issue before choosing sides.

Both MPPs later backed Ford's decision to push through Bill 47.

The Grey Bruce Labour Council would like you to support businesses who did not support Bill 47 and its repealing of provisions in Bill 148. They say they may request a Freedom of Information Request to find out which businesses, in their opinion, voted in favour of ''taking away workers rights.''

What changes with the implementation of Bill 47?

- Minimum wage will not increase to $15/hr on January 1st, 2019. It will stay at $14/hr. Future increases to the minimum wage, beginning in 2020, would be tied to inflation.

- Elimination of the 10 days of personal emergency leave (including two paid days) provided under Bill 148. This would be replaced by a total of eight unpaid leave days per year—three days per year for personal illness, three days per year for family responsibilities (such as illness or urgent matters concerning a spouse or child), and two days per year for bereavement leave. Doctor's notes may once again be requested if you say you are sick.

- Bill 47 would repeal the requirement of equal pay for equal work on the basis of employment status (such as part-time or casual) and assignment employee status.

- Various scheduling change for part-timers.

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