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Brian Longmire
Morning Show Host

Frugal Rail System 
Posted (2014-04-24)

 So the rail system on my deck had seen better days. Too short, too shaky, too rotted and definitely too solid to allow much of a view.  So I set out in my typical frugal (lets call it thrifty) way to get a new railing, that could be safe, solid, allow a view ...
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Spring Is In The Air? 
Posted (2014-03-11)

 Is it just me, or is spring, finally, quite possibly, maybe in the air?  I haven’t actually seen the quintessential sign of spring yet, the Robin,  (unless you count our Mid-Day host), but many other signs, thankfully abound.   The clocks took their ...

Shocked, Pleased and Inspired!! 
Posted (2014-02-21)

 This past week I had the privilege or helping judge a speech contest at one of our local public school, (Saugeen Central).  I will admit, at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about going. It’s been a very busy and tiring week and the thought of sitting in a cold ...

The REAL Breakfast on the Beach!! 
Posted (2013-08-21)

 So as I work here this morning having my traditional morning breakfast, (extra large 2 cream 2 sweetener) I look down at the garbage that needs to go out and think, there are the remnants of the ACTUAL Breakfast on the Beach.  Yes not very nutritional I’m sure, ...

Posted (2013-07-03)

 Wow, am I looking forward to this weekend. (Not a question)  Is it just me, or was the Lake Huron Shoreline built for weekends? (Rhetorical question)  The forecast is looking incredible, and the timing couldn’t be better.  This weekend I have some ...

livin the dream 
Posted (2013-05-30)

 OK so blog it is.  So I’m having this dream, I’m live and a beautiful community near an incredible stretch of sandy beach.  I have a great home, a wonderful family, and a wife of over 20 years that I’m truly in love with then suddenly BLAM!!!  I’m ...
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Chris McBrien from Barrie
Not only is it fantastic that you get to live the dream everyday, but the good people of Saugeen Shores are treated to your enthusiasm and love for life on a daily basis. Good for you, my friend. Glad you can follow the footsteps of the great Dr. Johnny Fever. Just don't say "booger" on the air.
Al Latimer from soon back to Port Elgin
Great start Brian!!!!!very good read and congratulations on what you are accomplishing with what fell in your lap..... Al
Cathy May from formerly at one time, Southampton
Way to go Brian! Sometimes good things do happen to good people. Sweet karma. Nothin' like livin' the dream! :)
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