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WHAT'S NEW - Center Stage with Jamie Woodfin 
Posted (2015-12-17)

 WHAT’S NEW ***December 19th & 21st*** We stream live…Saturday @ 6pm & Monday @ 11pm --- http://www.country93.ca/ AND http://country105.ca/    Joanne Stacey – When The Honeymoon Is Over – http://www.joannestacey.com/ Joanne has a vocal ...

Horror Movie Challenge - No Excuses 
Posted (2015-10-13)

   It started last year thanks to my friend David....The Horror movie addiction. OK OK...it isn't that bad. Reality is, besides comedies and romance....I LOVE Horror movies. I believe this horror love started way way back....many years ago.... (and maybe...just ...

The Hexecutioners - Movie Premiere with an Owen Sound Connection 
Posted (2015-10-07)

It was a few months ago that I received an email - looking for Extras to be in a Horror movie. I certainly jumped at the opportunity...acting & horror both passions of mine. I contacted a couple friends and we ended up as background actors, along with some other familiar ...
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It's A Blustery Day - Part 1 
Posted (2015-09-30)

  Woke up this morning & felt a change in the air. Oh sure...I was in the safety & warmth of my home...but, it felt COLD!!! And, just like that....a SIGN. My wind chimes, well...um, chimed. Loudly!  You know, I always associate Fall/Autumn with wind. My ...

It's A Blustery Day - Part 2 
Posted (2015-09-30)

  So, I mentioned my whole Winnie the Pooh & The Blustery Day to you....as well as my co-host, which brought up the question: what is the difference between windy & blustery? Windy - (of weather, a period of time, or a place) marked by or exposed to strong ...

Elephant goes GoPro 
Posted (2015-05-24)

 Christian LeBlanc and his girlfriend, Laura Reid, stopped at an elephant sanctuary on Koh Phangan Island (Thailand) & started feeding an elephant bananas. When he ran out of the snack, well....Mr/Ms Elephant decided to try the GoPro camera. The camera was set ...
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National Frozen Food Month 
Posted (2015-03-08)

 THIS MONTH IS National Frozen Food Month -- How long will frozen food keep? Frozen dinners -- three to four months Ground beef and turkey -- three months Bacon, unopened -- one month Roasts -- six to twelve months Whole fish -- five to six months Fish ...

Calling all FREAKY Car lovers... 
Posted (2015-02-12)

The most unusual of all the vehicles on display at the Canadian International AutoShow might be the one belonging to Ripley’s Believe It or Not!.  Yesterday morning Ripley put one of its Peel P50 cars on display at the show. This microcar is usually on display ...
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Inspiring Women in Grey Bruce... 
Posted (2015-01-22)

There are a lot of inspiring women in our community and I came across an event that I just had to pass along where you can nominate an Inspiring Woman in Your Community.   The details?   Women’s House Serving Bruce and Grey will be hosting the annual International ...
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Fashion Style 
Posted (2015-01-17)

 Over the years, I have come to realize that wearing the right clothing "for you" can certainly make you feel a lot better, giving you self-esteem and confidence. It doesn't determine who we are, but if you feel better in your clothing you tend to show it ...

Yesterday was National Dress Up Your Pet Day 
Posted (2015-01-15)

 So, January 14th was National Dress Up Your Pet Day. A day where all pets run and hide and disobey your shouts to "Come" even if you are serving up their favorite snacks. A day where humiliation falls down upon them.    But, THEY ARE SO CUTE!   Luckily, ...

Challenge - Day 1 
Posted (2013-04-29)

 It has been a few months since I have been to the gym for a workout. Not the fault of my trainer, Joshua Michael Burnett. He is fabulous...and, probably the only reason why I will be going back. Not once, in my younger years, did I ever imagine I would be saying, "Where ...
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Posted (2013-02-04)

 So,...um,...apparently I look like a Swinger. Swinging or (rarely) partner swapping is a non-monogamous behavior, in which singles or partners in a committed relationship engage in sexual activities with others as a recreational or social activity. Swinging can ...

Klutz Klutz Klutz 
Posted (2013-01-07)

 Klutz...I am a klutz. Not a severe Klutz...but, Miss Congeniality Klutz (although, I only dream of looking like Sandra Bullock!) I'm not sure when - exactly - I became a klutz????!!!! But, I have definitely been a Klutz for a few years now. Klutz = Noun: ...

One Month Down - Status Report 
Posted (2013-01-04)

 OK...I am VERY late! I mean, very late with this Blog! Don't get any weird ideas!!! Here are my thoughts from the beginning of December on my personal workout challenge. Just getting to the Gym was a challenge for me! So...this being the start of month 3.....lets rewind ...

The Challenge! 
Posted (2012-11-22)

Pathetic! Every second of every minute of every 1/2 hour...my mind tells me I have to quit. I just can't do it. Quit. Pathetic! I used to be in "shape" and slim & active. That was before people "I cared about" started to make fun of me. As ...

Posted (2012-09-29)

My entire life I have had a love of Horses. I , also, love movies (Yes...even sappy ones.) When WARHORSE came out, I wanted to see it but due to circumstances, did not. So, when I was able to watch it a few weeks ago I was more than thrilled. Nobody joined me in the watch,....except ...

Awkward Moments 
Posted (2012-09-26)

So...I walked into the Studio on one of my Co-Workers...and well.... Um,.....'Nuff said! ...

Missing the Cup 
Posted (2012-09-21)

So...the Stanley Cup has come & gone and I have yet to be anywhere near it. It's almost like it has a Peace Bond out on me. I promise to behave...honest! I just WANT to be NEAR the Cup. Is that a lot to ask?! Why so important for someone that doesn't really follow ...

Posted (2012-09-19)

What???? Blogging?!?! YAY!!!!!! This is my time to sit down with you, have a coffee, relax & share. I have always loved "writing" but seemed to have lost the time over the years. Well...I'm back making time. Is that like when you become senile (get ...

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